Control system flexE12E

Due to the hardware and software modular design and the configurable sensor interface, the units can be used to control various processes (screwing, pressing, friction measurement, displacement measurement, etc.).


flexE12 master unit
  • EST development
  • Operating System Windows 10
  • Ethernet interface
  • Profinet device interface
  • Profinet master interface
  • 4 USB interfaces
  • SSD for data storage
flexE12 MSR/servo unit
  • EST development
  • Multilayer
  • SMD technology
  • highly integrated system components
  • integrated connector
  • optional 1 or 2 channel compact design
  • Master functionality over several MSR/servo units with standard IPC
  • Switch cabinet installation
  • On-board power supplies
  • integrated servo amplifier
  • LCD Matrix display
  • Profinet interface
  • Integrated PROFINET switch
  • digital and analogue inputs/outputs as well as 4 serial interfaces
  • Production takes place using the latest manufacturing technologies

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