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In this project, 600 screw channels are used in the form of single and multiple screwdrivers. For reasons of process reliability, various fastening systems have been equipped with a screwing point control. The screw position to be processed is displayed to the employee via the EST visualisation interface.

After screwing, the result (OK or NOK) is displayed by means of a colour change. The position of the respective screw point can be automatically parameterised/taught when using absolute displacement measuring systems via the EST system software. The path measuring systems can be connected directly to the EST screwdriver controller via a Profinet interface, for example.

Communication with the chain control takes place via a standardised Profinet interface, which is identical for all tightening channels (automatic stations and hand-held nutrunners).


Join balance shaft station

With this automatic station, the so-called balancing shaft (AGW) is automatically joined to the crankcase (KG). This AGW is ready at a pick-up point that is fed by an automatic magazine device. After the workpiece carrier (WC) has been moved into the station, the centring mandrel moves through the bearing webs in the KG to the centre of the AGW. The AGW is now introduced into the KG via the pincer-like joining device. This joining movement is carried out by the NC axis mentioned above. During the movement, the course of the force is monitored over the path in the form of several freely programmable monitoring windows. The joining process is extremely sensitive and therefore places high technical demands on mechanical engineering and the monitoring electronics. In addition to the complete control technology, EST also designed and delivered the integrated force/displacement measurement technology, which is based on the flexE12 system.

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