High-pressure cleaning and deburring center HCflex

The compact and highly flexible HCflex high-pressure cleaning and deburring system is based on the design of machining centers.

The system uses three-axis NC linear units that are arranged vertically and/or horizontally and can be fitted with an automatic nozzle changer for up to six tools.

The workpieces are located on a rotary table (NC-controlled), making five-axis (and six-axis) processing possible. The system is equipped with a latest generation NC controller (Siemens 840D SL or BoschRexroth MTX). Pressures used are between 1000 bar to 4000 bar.

The system is available in two versions:
  • Type 1 (HCflex 1) for small batches and prototypes in preproduction series
  • Type 2 (HP Centre HCflex 2) in two sizes for volume production

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