High-pressure cleaning and deburring center HCflex

The structure of the compact and highly flexible HCflex high-pressure cleaning and deburring system is based on machining centres.

Processing is carried out by 3-axis NC linear units, which can be arranged vertically and/or horizontally and equipped with an automatic nozzle changer for 6 tools each.

The workpieces are on a turntable (NC-controlled) so that 5 (6) side processing is possible. The machine is controlled with an NC control of the latest generation (Siemens 840D SL or BoschRexroth MTX). Pressures of 1,000 bar to 4,000 bar can be generated.

The system is made in 2 versions:

  • Variant 1 (HCflex 1) for small batches and processing samples in the pre-series and sample part production
  • Variant 2 (HD centre HCflex 2) in two sizes for volume production