Application example: Flexible cleaning system

The design of this cleaning system is based on the following requirements:

  • Compliance with required residual dirt specifications
  • Cycle time
  • Maximum cost efficiency
  • Maximum flexibility

To achieve these goals the cleaning tasks are split into three process steps:

  1. In the first process step, the parts are pre-cleaned following the last machining operation to remove adhered chips and coolant.
  2. Then, the parts are deburred and cleaned in the robot cells with high pressure.
  3. Finally, the parts are cleaned in flushing modules with ultra-filtrated fluid.

In the subsequent drying process, the parts are dried using hot air and vacuum technology. Then the parts are chilled to the required temperature for further processing.

At full capacity, the system runs at an impressive cycle time of 32 seconds per part. To conserve resources, only required units are powered. Due to the modular structure, it is also possible to only partially use the system in a specific process, e.g. only for pre-cleaning.

This concept allows you to react quickly and efficiently to part design changes. Within a short amount of time, a custom system can be configured for all process applications.

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