Transmission (manual, automatic)

Whether manual, automatic, double clutch, differential or transfer case: With EMIL SCHMID MASCHINENBAU you get ergonomics, safety, production speed and quality for your assembly lines.


  • Final assembly of dual-clutch transmissions for petrol, diesel and all-wheel drive variants
  • Assembly principle U cell
  • Cycle time 60 sec
  • 7 semi-automatic stations
  • 4 automatic stations
  • 12 manual workstations
  • Dimension 12.5 x 42 metres
  • Transport STSfriction track 12 metres/min.
  • EST NC joining modules for the bearing shells and the shaft seal
  • 1 dynamic measuring machine for the wheelset
  • 2 static measuring machines for the housing and the clutch cover
  • Workpiece carrier can be swiveled automatically by 4 x 90°

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