Screwdriver flexTool

The high-quality screw spindles are characterised by the highest level of accuracy and durability. With the versatile modular design, you can implement highly complex screw connections.

With an integrated history file, dynamic angle correction, automatic recognition of the head rest and a "state of the art" action sensor, you have state-of-the-art screwdriving tools at your disposal. Whether used in an automatic station, actuator in a robot or installed in a "manually guided" mechanism.

With the EST screw spindle, your product is screwed together with the highest quality.

  • Torque range BG0, BG1, BG2, BG3 from 1 Nm to 1800 Nm
  • EC motor
  • Planetary gear
  • Chip for saving the screwdriver data
  • Measurement value sensor
    • Principle of action
    • contactless
    • digital measured value transmission
    • integrated angle of rotation sensors
  • spring-loaded tool holder
  • modular design
  • suitable for reversing operation
  • Models
    • coaxial output
    • offset output
    • angle output
    • redirected output
  • coaxial output
  • Sensor with plausibility measuring circuit
  • redundant measurement value sensor
  • offset output
  • Sensor with plausibility measuring circuit
  • integrated measurement value sensor
  • angle output
  • Sensor with plausibility measuring circuit
  • coaxial output
  • 1800 Nm
  • redundant measurement value sensor

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