Hand-held screw driving technology

With robust professional tools, we enable our customers to think completely new in terms of flexibility. In our product portfolio, you can choose between corded and cordless screwdrivers from a wide variety of designs. Built-in displays, scanners, vibration handles, and gyroscopes make it as easy as possible for staff to perform the required tasks.
With our customized operator guide, staff is easily guided through the process. Using our highest ergonomics standards will lead to a great deal of ease of use for which your staff will thank you.

  • Torque range of pistol type and handheld angular screwdrivers from 0,5 – 1,250Nm
  • EC motor
  • Planetary gear
  • Chip for screwdriver data storage
  • Transducer:
    • Action/reaction principle
    • Integrated rotary encoder
  • Integrated design
  • Models:
    • Pistol type screwdriver
    • Rod type screwdriver
    • Offset type screwdriver

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Our products

Versatile drive options for accurate
geometric requirements and
custom sensor technology for reliable results.

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