The SCHMID Group

The internationally active SCHMID GRUPPE is an association of the companies EMIL SCHMID MASCHINENBAU, EST TECHNOLOGIE, SCHMID CLEANTECH, SCHMID MACHINERY and SCHMID E-MOTIVE. Together we bundle our expertise for the benefit of our customers and produce the highest quality products. As specialists in special machine and plant construction, we are uncompromising when it comes to realising your requirements − in every industry and for every task.

Automate, deburr, clean, assemble, handle and link: Our solutions are as customised as the production goals of our customers are individual. With the integrated manufacturing solutions of the SCHMID GROUP you can plan for success, take advantage of growth opportunities and strengthen your market position in the long term. We attach great importance to confidential technology transfer with our customers. We know from many years of experience that it is exactly this comprehensive range of services and the tailor-made solutions that guarantee lasting economy and efficiency.


  • 5 locations worldwide
  • 410 employees worldwide
  • more than 60 years of experience
  • 25.000 square meters of production
  • 4-fold certified quality



Founded in 1960 as a small one-man business in the parental barn, EMIL SCHMID MASCHINENBAU developed into the largest plant in the SCHMID GROUP. The company's reliable team implements tailor-made solutions for demanding projects in the field of production plant construction, special machine construction, interlinking including engineering, electrical engineering and control technology. Regardless of whether you want to implement new systems, expand them intelligently or change them in a purposeful manner − with EMIL SCHMID MASCHINENBAU you will receive tailor-made systems...

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EST Elektronische Schraub- + Steuerungs­technologie

EST Elektronische Schraub- + Steuerungstechnologie has been the system house for the latest information and control technology within the SCHMID GROUP since 1994. EST Technologie is integrated into the SCHMID GROUP of companies on an interdisciplinary basis and can therefore access both their knowledge and service pool. With around 30 employees and the headquarters in Aalen-Ebnat, EST Technologie serves the demanding development and implementation needs for future-oriented data, control and process engineering solutions, regardless of the industry...

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The two companies INDA (Neckartailfingen) and MARKERT (Engstingen) have formed an alliance of services for years. In order to offer the best solution for your customers, they bundled and structured their experience and know-how. Depending on the focus of requirements, the optimal service package for the customer is put together on this basis. Since then, as SCHMID CLEANTECH, they have been offering complete solutions that cover the entire range of high-pressure cleaning and low-pressure cleaning and deburring technology, including media treatment with adapted filtration systems, drying devices and automation systems...

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Since 2012, the SCHMID GROUP has also been represented on the Asian market with the company SCHMID MACHINERY. This not only strengthens the competitiveness of the SCHMID GROUP, but also secures its global presence and products...

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SCHMID E-MOTIVE (Nuvolera/Italy)

Headquartered in Nuvolera (Italy), the company employs 22 people and manufactures high quality products for the E-Drive Powertrain sector. SCHMID E-MOTIVE specialises in the production of stators for use in electric drives. With many years of experience and know-how, the company supports its customers in the production of environmentally friendly technologies and alternative drive systems.


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If you are looking for groundbreaking answers, you need the very best conditions: Employees who know how to use their experience and knowledge perfectly.

Breaking new ground requires, above all, a way of thinking that is characterised by openness, curiosity and creativity: Openness to the ideas of our customers, curiosity about the possibilities of current developments and creativity in order to combine what is feasible in a unique way. And that is exactly what all our employees bring with them.

That's why we at the SCHMID GROUP are proud of them − of our loyal employees for many years, but also of our new ones. Because they all work hard every day to achieve the best result for our customers. Together we have created what we stand for today: a family group of companies with future prospects.

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