SCHMID CLEANTECH is an amalgamation of the companies INDA Wasserstrahltechnik and Albrecht MARKERT. To offer the best concepts and solutions for our well-known customers, we combined the skills and know-how of both companies which was accumulated over many years. Based on decades of experience within the construction of water-based cleaning systems in the high- and low-pressure sector, we design optimal and tailor-made solutions in close cooperation with our customers. We offer complete solutions for high-pressure as well as low-pressure cleaning and deburring technology, including media preparation with adapted filtration systems, drying devices, and automation systems.


SCHMID CLEANTECH has been successful in developing and implementing numerous projects. Well over 1000 systems have been delivered and put into operation worldwide: high-pressure and low-pressure waterjet systems for deburring and cleaning aluminum-, cast- and steel workpieces and in addition, industrial plants, and specialized machinery.

Throughout the SCHMID GROUP, all projects are complete performance. We accompany you through every process step; completely and professionally. From planning and development, through production, final assembly and commissioning, as well as the inhouse training and induction of your employees. This way we ensure that your requirements as well as ours meet the highest quality standards.

As part of the SCHMID GROUP, we have the opportunity to use an exceptional pool of knowledge and performance if and when required. In addition to the production of comprehensive cleaning systems, we are happy to assist with subsequent processes such as Leak Testing, Assembly or Automation

Our experiences

As a result of increased environmental requirements, energy savings, extended maintenance intervals, our know-how, which we have developed over decades and continuously adapt to, offers you the ideal basis for realizing your requirements and demands in a targeted manner.

Whether large or small, from a wide variety of small parts to large workpieces – with the help of our systems, almost all workpieces can be deburred and cleaned. Particularly hard-to-reach areas such as cross-bores can be deburred and cleaned in a targeted, process-safe manner within a noticeably short time.

Taking your individual requirements into consideration, we develop your complete solution in cooperation with you – as we have done for many years.


Discover our company highlights

Early 1990s:

  • Making use of water-based high-pressure technology in industrial part cleaning

Late 1990s:

  • First time use of a robot in a high-pressure cell

Early 2000:

  • Patented HP-interchangeable-nozzle system

Early 2000:

  • Final cleaning & drying incl. vacuum drying and cooling (even) on the smallest surface

Early 2000:

  • High-pressure cleaning system with a cycle time of less than 1 sec.

Early 2000:

  • Introduction of the HC-Flex cleaning system with automatic high-pressure interchangeable nozzle system

Early 2000:

  • Combination of mechanical deburring (brushing & milling) and high-pressure deburring, all in one system

Early 2000:

  • Complete systems consisting of cleaning and high-pressure machining right through to testing and assembly technology – all from a single source

Our experiences

SCHMID CLEANTECH ist in zahlreichen Branchen vertreten: Automotive, Hydraulik-Industrie, Agrar- und Baumaschinenindustrie, Schiffsbau, Werkzeug-Maschinenbau oder Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik

Whether automotive, hydraulics industry, agricultural- and con­struction machinery industry, shipbuilding, machine building or aero­space technology, our products provide assurance with their wide range of applications and meeting a wide range of demands.

You will benefit from our decades of know-how, precision, and endurance. With SCHMID CLEANTECH you get the optimal service package tailored to your needs.

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