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EMIL SCHMID MASCHINENBAU has been based in Sonnenbühl/Willmandingen as a reliable manufacturer of special machines and systems for more than half a century.

From the start-up as a 1-man operation, the company has now grown to almost 300 employees. As the largest plant in the SCHMID GROUP, we implement tailor-made solutions for demanding projects in the field of production plant and special machine construction, interlinking including engineering, electrical engineering and control technology. And all this for many global corporations and companies across all industries, especially for the automotive industry. With our many years of experience, our sustainable innovative spirit and a visionary eye, we develop high-quality products for our customers every day. In recent years, forward-looking projects, especially in the field of e-mobility, have become our specialty.

Regardless of whether you want to implement new systems, expand them intelligently or change them in a purposeful manner – with us you will receive tailor-made systems.


In recent years we have been able to develop numerous skills – especially in the area of E-Drive Powertrain and Classic Powertrain:

> 34 engine assembly lines, 18 transmission assembly lines, 8 axle assembly lines, 3 hybrid module assembly lines, 16 cylinder head assembly lines, 4 rotor (permanently energised) assembly lines, 1 stator assembly line, 3 electric motor lines, 3 final battery assembly lines (high-voltage storage).


E-Drive Powertrain

  • Hairpin bending and assembly
  • Expanding, twisting & welding
  • Impregnation

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  • Joining magnets & fin pack
  • Magnetising & magnetic field measurement
  • Transfer moulding

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  • Marriage of E-motor
  • Assembly of power electronics
  • Test E-motor/HV test

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  • Cell stack formation (concept phase)
  • Insert cell block
  • Backend assembly
  • NV/HV/EoL test
  • Final assembly leak test

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Fuel cell

Concept phase:

  • Autom. stack and press stack
  • Taping/welding
  • Final assembly & functional test


Classic Powertrain

  • Piston-connecting rod pre-assembly
  • Short engine assembly
  • Cylinder head assembly
  • Final assembly
  • Final assembly including testing technology

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Engine components
  • Oil pump assembly
  • Exhaust gas turbocharger
Transmission (manual, automatic)
  • Shaft assembly
  • Differential
  • Transmission main assembly

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  • Front/rear axles
  • Wheel carrier
  • Front/rear axle
  • Tyre and wheel assembly
  • Half shaft fastening



With a production and assembly area of approx. 15,500m2 and the interdisciplinary cooperation of all available competencies, we have the opportunity to realise production processes par excellence. That is why we only develop complete services in order to ensure the efficiency and productivity of our customers.

This means specifically: Our customers receive everything from us, from a single source. We accompany you competently and seamlessly in every step of the process – from planning and construction through production and assembly to commissioning and training.

In this way we want to ensure that both your requirements and ours are implemented and fulfilled to the highest quality standard.


Automation technology, assembly and handling technology, transport and transfer systems, assemblies and special devices including inspection, measurement and test equipment as well as control technology with control and quality recording systems: Anyone who offers a production range like ours also provides their customers with excellent support.

As consistently as we build new systems, we are just as flexible when existing systems have to be expanded or converted to meet changed requirements. Here, too, we plan and construct after a thorough analysis of the desired production goals and assembly tasks. We integrate existing technologies, including third-party technologies, where they support the new processes in a meaningful way.

Our high level of vertical integration ensures that everything runs smoothly. With our own state-of-the-art machinery, we can quickly make adjustments and solve unforeseeable problems within a very short time.


With precision and perseverance, we always look for the best solution for the production-related challenges of our customers.

With this commitment, we have become the point of contact for leading international companies from numerous industries, but mainly the automotive industry.

Our customers expect tailor-made solutions of the highest quality, excellent support and perfect after-sales service – and that's exactly what you get from us.

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