Stator assembly


  • Semi-automatic loading of sheet metal packages
  • Total link-up of hairpin processes with robot on 7th axis
  • Automated loading handling for the respective hairpin processes
  • Insert insulation paper into sheet metal package
  • Assemble hairpin until complete hairpin unit in sheet metal package is added
  • Expand and twist hairpin
  • Cut hairpin, apply welding protection, weld hairpin, brush hairpin
  • Automated stator measuring station
  • Manual test station
  • Tape link-up to the tearing device
  • Trickle set-up
  • Complete link-up of the rotor assembly with robots on the 7th axis
  • Shrink stator carriers
  • Mechanically machining stator carriers
  • Stator carrier-processor measuring station
  • Leakage test
  • Weld connection to hairpin
  • Electric test-stator
  • Manual test station
  • Final assembly and manual packaging

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