Transmission assembly

Whether you require manual, automatic, dual clutch transmissions or differentials and transfer cases, with EMIL SCHMID MASCHINENBAU you are sure to benefit from ergonomics, safety, production efficiency and quality.

  • Final assembly of dual clutch transmission for gasoline and diesel engines and all-wheel drives
  • U-shaped cell layout
  • 60 sec cycle time
  • Seven semi-automatic stations
  • Four automatic stations
  • Twelve manual stations
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 42 meters
  • Transport system STS Friction track 12 meters/min
  • EST NC assembly modules for bearing inserts and shaft seal
  • One dynamic measuring machine for the gear set
  • Two static measuring machines for the housing and the clutch cover
  • Workpiece carrier automatically pivoted by 4 x 90° increments

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